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Very knowledgeable, explained everything in detail to me.

Very good price.

Krystal M. L.Clearwater, FL

The office was easy to get to, parking great, inside clean, contemporary, casual and professional.  Great coffee, too.  The staff was thorough, timely and courteous.

I’m a first timer and would not hesitate coming here next year.

I feel confident with TaxGenuity Tax Experts, they’ve taken every precaution with my most vulnerable information.

Diane H.Clearwater, FL

Clear cut and precise communication.

Well informed on all new tax laws and practices.

Well organized and clean office.

H.M.M.Clearwater, FL

TaxGenuity Tax Experts is very thorough with tax return preparation and reasonably priced.

Shawn GalyenClearwater, FL

The most professional and compassionate tax preparers ever in my life.

When in need, Denise Mensa-Cohen and TaxGenuity Tax Experts are the best.

Judith Bronson FisherClearwater, FL

I am very pleased with the care and helping hand that I received from TaxGenuity Tax Experts.

I love that all my questions were answered.

Shaquan JohnsonClearwater, FL

We went to Denise with several years of “messed-up” taxes, not knowing where to start.  She got us all straightened out and back on track.

TaxGenuity Tax Experts are wonderful people that will go above and beyond to help you out.  We plan to keep our taxes filed here year after year!

TaxGenuity Tax Experts is the place to go!

Cliff A.Clearwater, FL

TaxGenuity Tax Experts was very helpful and extremely polite.  They took the time to explain our 1040 form, describing both our deductions and tax liabilities.

They are friendly and approachable, making us feel like a member of the family.

Marilyn & Greg CorbyClearwater, FL

I have been using TaxGenuity Tax Experts for a number of years.

I have received excellent work and want to thank them.

Tom McDonaldClearwater, FL

Our experience was very enjoyable, pleasant and time efficient.

Thank you for everything and we definitely recommend your services to everyone.

Good knowledge of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion!

Barbara & Brian WarneDunedin, FL

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