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Essential Tax Survival Tips

You Can Avoid Serious IRS Problems!


Here are four essential tax survival tips:

1. Consult a Qualified Tax Professional

Even if you are comfortable preparing your own income tax returns, it is always a good idea to consult an Enrolled Agent (EA), the most qualified tax professional, to check your tax return for accuracy, missed deductions and credits.

Sadly, there are too many tax professionals out there who have minimal tax knowledge and fully rely upon their software to prepare tax returns. The IRS does not require the person who prepares your tax return to have any certifications, or even any tax knowledge.  Always qualify your tax preparers and accept no less than an Enrolled Agent to prepare your tax return.

Enrolled Agents are Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners, who have passed the rigorous qualification examinations and background checks of the Internal Revenue Service, and are required to fulfill many hours of continuing education in order to maintain their license to practice.

TaxGenuity Tax Experts is staffed exclusively by Enrolled Agents, who are also members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and Fellows of the National Tax Practice Institute.  With TaxGenuity Tax Experts, you are truly getting the best of the best!

TaxGenuity Tax Experts will gladly review your current and previous tax returns, FREE!

2. Do Not Skip Filing Your Tax Returns

If you owe money for income tax, it is crucially important for you to file your tax return by the due date, April 15. Even if you cannot afford to pay, you must still file the return.

Not filing when you owe is a criminal offense. The IRS charges substantial penalties and interest daily until they receive your tax return and the taxes are paid.

If the amount of taxes you owe is greater than your ability to pay, TaxGenuity Tax Experts can make a sensible payment arrangement with the IRS, so that you can pay your taxes over time.

3. NEVER, and We Mean NEVER EVER, Ignore Mail From the IRS!

We are not trying to scare you, but this one is serious. Just ask anyone who has ever had an IRS problem:


The IRS requires your response and their attempts to gain your attention will not cease.

More letters will arrive, and if you still do not respond, they will take intense measures to collect every dollar they think you owe.

Your bank account may be frozen and levied, your paycheck could be garnished, levies and seizures of your valuable property may also occur; all in addition to adding penalties and interest daily to the unpaid balance.

4. Speaking to the IRS Yourself Can Open Doors to More Problems
If you have received an IRS letter, your first inclination may be to call the IRS and try to resolve it yourself.

Beware, IRS agents are not Customer Service Representatives and your attempts may not only yield you frustration, but worse yet, you may inadvertently give up your taxpayer rights.

IRS agents are specially trained to get taxpayers to say way too much, and ultimately, open the doors to new issues that were not part of their original investigation.

You need proper representation by an Enrolled Agent who is experienced in communicating with the IRS. When you attempt to talk to the IRS by yourself, you may cause more damage, without even realizing.

TaxGenuity Tax Experts knows how to work with the IRS to protect your rights and effectively get the results you need!

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